Global Business Series

I am excited to introduce the Global Business series which I know will facilitate more successful business engagement with customers, employees, contractors and business partners around the world. Padma Chebrolu, the host, facilitates lively discussion among business executives from various corporations such as P&G and experts from universities in a Q&A (Question and Answer) format. The series broadcasted in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been successfully used in corporations and universities with positive results. DVD includes PowerPoint presentations, discussion guides and complete transcript for busy executives. The Global Business Series is also suitable for use in business schools and universities.

The sample topics include:

• Macro Economy & Industry Growth
• Public Conduct
• Addressing Individuals
• Language
• Dress & Appearance
• Conversation Dynamics
• Leadership Styles
• Women in Business
• Negotiation Process
• Business Entertainment
• Social Entertainment in Business
• Other Unique Aspects

In about 30 minutes each, you will learn key essential information that can not only save you money and time but also lead to opportunities that generates growth and profits.

You may be missing out on multi-million dollar sales due to lack of knowledge about the local business culture.

Can you afford not to watch Global Business Series?

Padma Chebrolu, the host

“I wish I had watched Business Culture: Japan earlier. I could have saved at least one year in project. After watching the Global Business Culture Japan, I realized that we had cultural misunderstanding with team members in Japan and we wasted time to market.” — a Fortune 50 Corporation Team Leader”.

The learning is relevant to every size of business – small business or large corporations.
DVD $495 each
Coming soon
Digital Edition
For corporate or volume purchases or license, please contact Master Communications.