Global Business

Globalization affects all people and businesses of all sizes. While key business values and fundamental human desires are similar around the world, the local environment, competitors, distribution and communication vary.

With technology, we can easily communicate and conduct business around the world. The world is more connected than ever. The global space is no longer only reserved for large corporations.

Whether you are sourcing, selling or hiring globally, understanding key issues and being able to adapt to changes is key to success.

Customer Understanding
Understanding consumers/customers is fundamental to any business. When you expand globally, your work is just beginning. Are you providing the best value your customers want? Are you local yet able to take advantage of your scale and knowledge?

Speed creates competitive advantage. Speed and cycle time is no longer reserved to manufacturing. Faster decision making and response to ever-changing customer needs demand innovative business systems. The winning companies are not bound by an internal set schedule but focus on delighting the customers.

Ethics and Environmental Issues
Issues for global corporation – How should global corporations apply ethics and sustainability initiatives across multiple  nations, and legal codes?

Business Culture
Understanding local business cultures will improve communication with local partners, speeding the development, delivery and marketing of your brands and providing more effective sourcing. If you are not trained, you may not know when you being told “No” indirectly. “Yes” can mean different things in different countries.

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